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Kids and Dogs: A Professional's Guide to Helping Families
by Colleen Pelar, CPDT

Six secrets that dogs wish people knew . . . These will revolutionize how families relate to dogs. Take the guesswork out of kid-and-dog interactions using these tips, tricks, and techniques. Illustrated with nearly 100 color photos, this book is one you'll pull out often when talking with clients about their dogs. A valuable tool for everyone who works with dogs and the people who love them. COST: $14.95


Off-Leash Dog Play
by Robin Bennett, CPDT, and Susan Briggs, CKO

Finally, a comprehensive guide for anyone involved in off-leash playgroups. A great book for learning key aspects for safe dog management.  Includes over 100 photos and charts.  Simple, realistic advice for introducing dogs and supervising playgroups. COST:  $19.95


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Off-Leash Dog Play Pocket Guide
Use these laminated, fold out guides to help your staff learn body language basics.  This quick reference guide is a great companion tool for anyone supervising off leash dog play.
COST:  $13.95


Living With Kids and Dogs...Without Losing Your Mind
by Colleen Pelar, CPDT

Awarded the Humane Society of the United States Compassionate Care Award, this is a complete guide to living with kids and dogs. Includes specific advice for each stage of your child's life in addition to tips for choosing the right dog for your family and strategies for avoiding common problems. COST: $16.95



New edition coming Spring 2011.


All About Dog Daycare...A Blueprint for Success
by Robin Bennett, CPDT

Whether you are just starting your daycare career or are a seasoned veteran in the industry, this book provides proven techniques to give you a blueprint for success.
COST:  $25.95 


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Family Dog Cheat Sheet
Everything you need to know about dogs in one easy, laminated pocket guide! You’ll learn three straightforward ways of categorizing behavior that take the guesswork out of understanding dogs, seven stress signals that point out when a dog needs your help, three steps for meeting a dog that help you start a good relationship, and much more!
Cost: $13.95




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Behavior Continuum Postergreenposter1.jpgposter_red.jpg
A useful reference tool with easily identifiable categories that make understanding dog behavior simpler for everyone. It's not enough to look at behavior as aggressive or nonaggressive. By categorizing it as Enjoyment, Tolerance, and Enough Already, you can avoid unknowingly putting dogs in stressful situations. 18" x 24" easy-to-frame poster.
COST: $14.95


How to Own and Operate a Dog Daycare (DVD or VHS)
This two-hour video is an edited version of a day-long seminar for potential daycare owners given by Robin Bennett in Woodbridge, VA. COST:  $49.95


Dog Behavior and Play Webinar DVD (9 hours of information!)
Six webinars dealing with off-leash play in a dog daycare or playgroup setting, including information on:
  • Canine body language
  • Stress signals
  • Handling pack behavior
  • Play styles
  • Appropriate versus inappropriate behavior
  • Introducing dogs
  • Interpreting off-leash play
The set includes full-sized video footage used in the webinars. Use these to train your own staff!
COST: $199.00


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Off-Leash Dog Play
Body Language Posters
Based on the popular, Off Leash Dog Play book, this set of three 36 X 24 posters gives you the visual aids you need for teaching others about dog body language. 
Included in the set is one poster for each traffic signal (red, yellow and green).   Emotional states, ears, and facial expressions are unique to each poster.  The body postures and tails are repeated on each to give the viewer a perspective of behavior as a continuum.
Consider hanging the posters in public areas for client education as well as in your dog playrooms, break rooms, and work areas for employee training.  Many dog owners are unfamiliar with canine body language, so having the posters prominently displayed will give your clients increased confidence in your expertise in caring for their dog! Suitable for framing or lamination.
COST: $49.95


The Doggie Day Care Business DVD (from the “My Pet Business” series)
This 60-minute DVD on establishing a profitable dog daycare business will help you plan your business, evaluate your market area, and determine if this is the right business for you. In the Doggie Day Care DVD, you'll hear from the experts. They'll show you what you need to get started with your own pet care business today. These professionals provide you a candid look into what you can expect with a career in the doggie daycare business. COST:  $49.95


Dog Daycare Start-Up Teleconference MP3 Recording
(8 hours of information!)
Stay on track as you start on your daycare adventure.  This invaluable series of 6 teleconferences deals with starting your own dog daycare.  Listen at your own convenience or use it for staff training. 
COST: $149.00


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Bookmarks: Canine Stress Signals
Great prizes to hand out to kids of all ages, these bookmarks give visual examples of common stress signals in dogs. A GREAT teaching tool! COST: $15.00 for set of 100



Playgroups for Profit
Build your customer base and increase revenues by offering doggie playgroups at your facility.  This special 12-page report will put you on the path to including this additional service at your location.
Learn how to:
    * Set up the playgroups effectively
    * Supervise and manage group play safely
    * Use the playgroups as an added source of income
COST:  $8.95



Real Families, Realistic Advice DVD
This 90-minute DVD of the “Real Families/Realistic Advice” presentation that Colleen Pelar and Robin Bennett gave at the 2006 Animal Care Expo contains all of the slides and audio portions as well as video clips of clients and dogs. COST: $15.00



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Bookmarks: Three Steps to Meeting a Dog
Great prizes to hand out to kids of all ages, these bookmarks give information on how to meet a dog safely. You’ll learn to ask the owner, ask the dog (and interpret the dog’s response), and pet the dog in a dog-friendly way. A GREAT teaching tool! COST: $15.00 for set of 100


School and Library Visits Made Easy:  Teaching Kids about Dogs
By Colleen Pelar, CPDT-KA, CDBC
How long should a classroom visit be?  What topics should you cover?  Is it better to bring a dog or not?  This 20-minute video covers all the things you need to know about doing school or library visits to teach kids to interact with dogs safely.  You'll see clips frm actual visits and an interview in which Colleen discusses the things that have worked--and not worked--for her in the many visits she has done over the past decade.  This video will give you the confidence to give presentations of your own.
COST:  $17.95


Script for Doing Visits at School and Libraries
This is a copy of the script Colleen uses for her school and library visits.
COST:  $8.95